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Finding Nemo: Photocopiable Resource Pack (e-book)
ESL Movie Resource Series
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Front cover

Sample viewing activity
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Sample vocabulary activity
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Fish are friends, not food.

Plot Summary

Finding Nemo is the touching story of clownfish Nemo, who is taken away from his overprotective father, Marlin. This beautifully animated film follows the adventurous journey that Marlin undertakes to find his son from the beautiful Great Barrier Reef to Sydney.

The winner of over 30 major awards, including an Oscar for 'Best Animated Feature', Finding Nemo is a delightful film that will appeal to students of all ages and backgrounds. The themes of family, trust and survival will engage students throughout the movie.

Photocopiable Resource Pack - Overview

Finding Nemo: Photocopiable Resource Pack - Elementary is highly recommended for Elementary, and is also suitable for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate learners. It contains four lessons of up to 3.5 hours each, that accompany four sections of the movie Finding Nemo.

This ESL Movie Resource Title includes a wide variety of pre-viewing, viewing and post-viewing activities, as well as easy-to-follow lesson plans and a comprehensive answer key.

The photocopiable activities in this Resource Pack include:

  • Pre-Viewing: warmers, vocabulary activities, discussion review activities, vocabulary review activities
  • Viewing: worksheets with a range of activities including gap-fill activities, discussion activities, listening and ordering activities, true/false activities
  • Optional Viewing: supplementary photocopiable activities such as memory quizzes, pair dictation activities and listening activities 
  • Post-Viewing: photocopiable Writing Tasks and discussion activities, with topics related to themes within the movie section

The Maps and Lesson Plans provide detailed notes for preparing and using each activity.   


ISBN 978-0-9804559-4-6, 129 pages
Finding Nemo is rated G (suitable for all audiences).



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